7 Things to Learn from Divine Bhagwad Gita

Knowledge from Lord Krishna in the Divine Bhagwad Gita

Bhagwad Gita is known to be one of the sacred Holy Scriptures in Indian mythology. It contains 18 chapters that talk about various aspects such as devotion to God, the incarnation of some Gods, the characteristics of nature, and many more. Lord Krishna has delivered a lot of teachings to learn from to lead a better life. During the battle between the Pandavas and the Kauravas in Mahabharata, Lord Krishna offered Prince Arjun great courage through the Gita Gyan to fight back fiercely on the battlefield. Let us look into some of his important teachings.

1.) Worship Lord Krishna-

Lord Krishna will always stand by you in good and bad times both. People often recall God only when they go through misery but if you solemnly devote yourself to worship Him, he will help you sail through your toughest times.

2.) Meditation can never be done by a money-minded person-

A person who is always greedy will always be disturbed deep down. He will never pay attention to achieve peace of mind and meditation is the only way through which inner peace is achieved.

3.) The soul never dies-

A soul that knows no fear of losing or achieving anything will never have troubles. It is important to let go all the worries and fears from mind to be at peace.

4.) We neither bring nor take anything with us-

It is only after birth we obtain love, money, relationship, respect, power, and status. We neither bring this with us to the world when we are born nor we take anything out of this with us when we die.

5.) The body will perish but the soul lives-

The soul is made up of earth, water, fire, wind, and space so once the body perishes, and the soul can travel into another body. Hence, it is important to beautify the inner soul rather than the outer appearance.

6.) Work selflessly without expecting a reward-

When you expect nothing or no reward, you automatically get delighted with the outcome. With high expectations, it is only us that we get disappointed as we do not achieve the desired goals. Success is sure to come your way when you work or live without expecting much as desire is the root of evil.

7.) Do not hold on to desires-

God knows exactly what can make us happy in lives and he will always be there to provide happiness but one needs to be patient because desires are never-ending and all of them cannot be fulfilled.


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