Secret Revealed behind the Religious word Aum or Om

Secret Revealed behind the Religious word Aum or Om

Aum is an alchemizing vibration that alone has the power of transformation for moving out and beyond of the basic human cognizance into cosmic cognizance. Aum is the primal tone of the universe and is considered to be the starting point through which the human cognizance begins its transformational journey into a level of higher cognizance which is considered to open doors to obtain Supreme liberation that is full of eternal joy and peace which most of the people try to seek and find.


Whenever you feel disturbed or depressed, seating yourself in a comfortable position, meditating, and chanting the word Aum numerous times will help you be at peace automatically because the word Aum has the miraculous power to soothe the mind and soul. The aura around you will automatically start to feel light and calming. The vibration that the chanting creates has immense control over your disturbed mind helping you think positively and straight. Your egoistic nature is automatically purified and integrated into making yourself aware of your higher self. Often we ignore the spiritual theory in finding answers but when you try to connect spiritually with yourself, the entire universe directs itself to guide you and find solutions to your misery. 

Aum signifies the Hindu Trinity or Trimurti.

The word Aum is formed of A U and M.

A represents Brahma- the principle of creation,

U represents Vishnu- the principle of sustenance, and

M represents Mahesh- the principle of dissolution from creating further.

Aum is also the representation of three forms of energies or Shakti related to Trimurti. Aum is also the representation of three attributes or Gunas and they are

a.) Satvika meaning serenity, purity, and light

b.) Rajasika meaning fire, heat, and activity and

c.) Tamasik meaning ignorance, darkness, and dullness.

It is also the representation of the three phases of existence and they are birth, life, and death. Aum is also a representation of four states of cognizance. They are wakefulness or Jagruti, dream or Swapna, deep sleep or Sushupti, and Silence or Turiya.

Altogether, Aum is used as one mantra all by itself. It is often referred to as seed or Bija and root or Moola mantra. To obtain utter peace of mind, chant Aum in a relaxed state to sense its power.


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