Everything About Shani Graha Shanti

Shani Graha Shanti

Shani Graha Shanti: Lord Shani is the son to Surya and Chhaya and therefore, he is also known by the name Chhayaputra. Lord Shani is the greatest well wisher and teacher for the decent and he is also a punisher for the ones who have evil intentions. He is an epitome of effort, patience, endurance, and endeavour, and he is the one who brings misfortunes and restrictions. However, if Shani is favourably placed in one’s horoscope, he is assured to have healthy life, stable career, and positivity in all aspects.

Lord Shani is often portrayed in black clothing with a sword in a hand, two daggers and arrows and sits atop a crow. The position of Shani is harmonious with Rahu, Ketu, Venus and Mercury whereas discordant with Moon, Sun, and Mars and is neutral with Jupiter. Lord Shani is associated with black colour, iron metal, neelam or blue sapphire gemstone, air as its element, West direction, black sesame as food, and ginger.


When your horoscope predicts Shani grah dosha, it is highly recommended you do Shani graham shanti puja done by vamtantra. Through this puja, the bad effects of Shani graham are reduced thereby enhancing the very Shani graham. This puja is done to create a shield from the bad effects of Shani graham such as sorrow, misery, delays, restrictions, respiratory tract disorders, chronic illness, infertility, etc. When the puja is conducted correctly, Lord Shani grants longevity, good health, authority, leadership, wisdom, ambition, and prosperity.

When a person is depressed in life and has tried all options and has yet achieved failure, it is recommended to conduct the Shani graham Shanti puja from an authentic pundit. A knowledgeable pundit will first study your astrological status and only then recommend and proceed with the puja. Once the entire puja is conducted properly, you will definitely experience positivity and good results in the forthcoming time. All you need to do is be patient and take simple measures after the puja so that you do not unknowingly reverse its effects. These days, some pundits only fool people to increase their business. Do not fall prey to such fake pundits. Obtain authentic services at mangalbhavan.in for best services.


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